2018 South African Food 7 Wine festival


Make a Difference!

Can you pour wine, park cars, take tickets, play cricket? The SA Food & Wine fest needs your help. Sign up in one of the following areas and get cool stuff, event tickets, discounts and a big thanks!

Organization & Planning
Decoration & Design
Check-in & Ticket Sales
Kids Activities
Wine Tasting Tent
Food Tent
*Festival volunteers must be available for at least one of our scheduled pre-show training sessions.
Contact Max Abrams at:
max@grayhavenwinery.com (804)556-3917
Are You South African?

Howzit! For eight years now we’ve been doing our best to produce a festival that our fellow South Africans can be proud of and enjoy. It’s a pretty big undertaking for a small farm winery. We need way more volunteers, especially you with your nice South African accent. 90% of our past SA Fest volunteers have been Americans! What’s up with that? Can you imagine how confusing it is to hear the person who just served you your Boerie roll say “thanks y’all” Come now, quit complaining that last year’s bobotie didn’t taste like your mama’s - join the party and make a difference. We’ll appreciate your help, love your practical ideas, and laugh at your jokes. You’ll have fun and remember just how cool and special it is to be South African.  Give me a call or drop me an email.


                - Deon


(804) 556-3917

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