2018 South African Food 7 Wine festival

Biltong & Droewors

Sawubona! Welcome!


Biltong & droewors are South African dried meat specialties, typically spiced using coriander, black pepper, clove and nutmeg.  we could tell you that biltong is like American jerky, but that wouldn’t be fair to biltong.  Biltong can be served ‘wet’ - similar to prosciutto in texture; dry - cut across the grain, with a little chewiness but not tough; in sticks - whole, un-cut or small fully dried sticks most similar to jerky in texture; or flaked or powdered - fully dried crumbles or powder used in dishes, sprinkled on eggs or munched on as a snack.  Biltong and Doerewors  will be delivered fresh to the festival by the SA meat masters at Braai Time.  This year, they’ll be bringing along some other SA favorites too.

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